Wolverine and Jubilee #4 Open Thread

Wolverine and Jubilee #4 cover by Nimit MalaviaWolverine and Jubilee #4 (preview)
Writer: Kathryn Immonen
Art: Phil Noto

From Marvel: “When Jubilee finds herself in a lethal, gravitationally challenged badlands that make the Vatican vaults look like an exercise in simple living, she’s going to have to truly embrace her new abilities and her old allies to get out of there alive. Wolverine and Rockslide have got two tickets to this anti-paradise but before they can reunite with the kidnapped Jubilee, they’re going to have to get those tickets punched. Hard. They’re all about to come face to face with the master of the game but they won’t be playing by his rules… even if they knew what they were!”

On sale April 20, 2011.

I really liked this series up to point.

But I found the finale to be overly confusing and simplistic at the same time.

What’s up with this chaos land that Jubilee finds herself in? And the final battle is against a giant dragon?

Am I the only one confused here?

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  1. The real plot to the mini is just Jubilee getting her shit sorted out, but here’s what was going on in the background:

    The dragons run a money lending agency for supernatural beings. (If you accept vampires and mutants, its really not that big a jump to also accept dragons :p)

    The pocket dimension is used as a safe by the dragons to lock up their payments and anything given as collatoral for loans. Stuff is moved to the pocket dimension by magic transporter necklaces.

    Hot Vampire Lady was a client, who owes the dragons a lot of money and is in financial trouble. But she can get the stuff she submitted as collateral back if she gets hold of one of those transporter necklaces, and outright cancel her debt if the zombie accountant is killed.

    But to prevent that from happening, both the transporter necklaces and the accountant are kept in a high radiation area.

    So Hot Vampire Lady uses Jubilee as leverage to force Wolverine (who’s healing factor protects him from radiation) to go get the transporters. She knows that even if Wolverine does not give her the necklaces, he’ll be forced to kill the accountant to use them (the activation ring for them is inside the accountant’s head).

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