‘Wolverine: Best There Is’ #5 Open Thread

Wolverine: The Best There Is #5 coverWolverine: The Best There Is #5 (preview)
Writers: Charles Huston
Art: Juan Jose Ryp

From Marvel: “CONTAGION, CHAPTER FIVE – LOOKING FOR A WAY OUT: Contagion and his bloodthirsty posse have thrown everything and the kitchen sink at Wolverine, yet still her stands. Now it’s time for him to teach the ‘Unkillables’ a thing or two about pain. And when he’s through with them, he’s got something special planned for their leader. ”

On sale April 6, 2011.

You know a comic book is bad when even the characters in the story start to complain about how stupid the plot is.

For a writer, that should be an alarm bell that your story has gone awry.

Facebook comments:

  1. Oh boy.

    I read the solicitations for issue eight in July.

    Are they really going to have Logan tortured in space? They wouldn’t be evil enough to put DiG and us through that…… would they?

    I am scared…… =(

  2. well it looks like huston things that the “it” that wolverine is the best there is in is being tortured and maimed.


  3. let logan kill contagion and his crwew already

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