‘Wolverine: The Best There Is’ #4 Open Thread

Wolverine: The Best There Is #4 coverWolverine: The Best There Is #4 (preview)
Writers: Charles Huston
Art: Juan Jose Ryp

From Marvel: “It’s been a long night for Logan. Tortured by a sadist with three-thousand years experience in the art, his life force consumed and his soul flayed, it’s all enough to make Wolverine kind of, well, grumpy. But the worst is yet to come…as Logan discovers Contagion’s master plan. It’s a doozy and it will change the way you look at Wolverine.”

On sale March 2, 2011.

Not to repeat myself, but this really is the biggest piece of crap I’ve read in a long time.

I mean, seriously.

Anyone else care to pile on?

Facebook comments:

  1. I like the new banner! Is that the old Wolverine from the “The End” series that came out a long time ago? (Next to the Wolverine from Days of Future Past Logan.)

    I have a suggestion for the site. We should take youtube video reviews posted from the fans and post them on the Facebook page. That would get some more followers from youtube, and it would add more content to your site.


  2. Yup — Cassaday Wolverine and Wolverine: The End added to the header.

    Good catch!

  3. Thanks. I really appreciate how you arranged your banner to show the different periods of Wolverine’s life. It really represents the website nicely.

    About the comic book Wolverine The Best There Is #4, I just read it today and my feelings on the comic haven’t changed much. Everything I felt before about the over graphic story and lack of interesting characters is still there. Instead of beating a dead horse, I will instead point out the minor good things about the comic. (To change things up, so we can spark new conversation.)

    I do appreciate the attempt at a back story toward Wolverine’s healing factor. It at least shows me that the writer is trying to establish a reason why Wolverine’s healing factor is a lot more powerful then it was back when he first joined the X-Men. I know it this is probably less meaningful now, since we got new stories that show Wolverine using his bone claws during the second World War stories. (Which really bothers me.) But the attempt would of been nice if the rest of the story wasn’t garbage.

    I also like how all the random villains were in fact insignificant characters in random Marvel stories from a time long forgotten. I know some of you might remember who Madcap is, but the fact that Harry Sikes is a character from 1953’s Menace #3 blew my mind. I don’t know why Charlie Huston would reference such a obscure character, but I do think it would of been more appreciated if the story was well written.

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