Wolverine #6 Open Thread: Wolverine vs. the X-Men

Wolverine (2010) #6 coverWolverine #6 (preview)
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Daniel Acuna

From Marvel: “Once again, a mindless Wolverine is raging out control, a danger to everyone around him. But this time Cyclops is ready. He’s always feared this day would come again, and he’s ready and willing to do whatever it takes to end Wolverine’s rampage once and for all. He’s even brought along a few friends to help him: Magneto and Namor. Don’t miss Part One of the action-packed new arc, ‘Wolverine vs. The X-Men.'”

On sale February 16, 2011.

This issue is exactly what I love about Jason Aaron.

No one kicks off a storyline better.

Case in point — the first five pages of “Wolverine vs. the X-Men”.

Read the preview to see what I’m talking about.


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  1. Agreed. I came on here, clicked the preview in the last post, and instantly left the house and got it. I couldn’t wait. I really hope it stays this exciting. He’s taking on the X-men not to mention actual demons in his soul so there’s plenty of room for great dialogue and plot if he doesn’t mess it up. And seriously, how badass have these covers been? This Magneto shot in particular is so cool.

  2. Damn. That preview was amazing.

    The art is beautiful.

  3. I must be getting old, because this issue was pretty good I guess, but I don’t like Acuna’s art, and it is hard getting geared up for these “Wolvy goes mad” stories that always creeps up. Are writers genuinely out of innovative ideas that cliche stories like this ALWAYS crops up? I mean we JUST had to sit through a Vampy Wolverine, and it looks like we may have to sit through a Lizard Wolverine, and then the past 6 months a possessed Wolverine.

    I give the benefit of the doubt to Aaron, but the Hell arc was pretty lame on all accounts and this one is starting off lame. I mean, what has Ghost Rider done except get jobbed for the past few issues? Let alone two, which are impossible to differentiate.

    I will say, I am hoping for a “Wolverine’s Angels” vs “Cyclops and his minons” but Cyclops being Lord of the Mutants, that won’t happen.

    Overall, I want Jason to step his game up…these last few months have been pretty boring/awful. Even Astonishing Spidy/Wolvy was on point until issue 4 and the ‘villians’ appeared. I don’t know…I must be getting way to cynical. I’m going to shoot some squirrels with my bow gun, that’ll make me feel better

  4. I posted before and I’m not sure if it went through. >=(

    Just in case it didn’t I’ll summarize what the post said.

    I feel the blame should be placed on Marvel and not the writer Jason Aaron. It is my opinion that there are too many Marvel books with Wolverine in it. We are seeing too many adventures with Wolverine playing a major role. In my eyes this leads to a desensitization of how we feel regarding how we value the stories. What could be a good story seen from a fresh perspective, is now watered down by the fact we might of seen our favorite character in a similar situation in another book.

    I stand by my opinion that Marvel wouldn’t of let this happen back in the 80’s. But thanks to money and greed the fictional universe had got sloppy, which is why it is hard to care about the characters anymore. So even though we share different opinions JmH Reborn, I feel we have similar outlooks on the same subject.

  5. I agree with Gabriel. You can only be featured in so many stories simultaniously before plots start getting rehashed and diluted, from not only overexposure but the god awful amount of continuity that the writer has to attempt to remain within.. all while marvel editors are completely encouraging you to not only do that but tie it in with novelty things that are popular (I refused to buy any of the x-vampire books. barf.) And in Jason’s defense, there’s probably only so much he’s allowed to do of what he wants, compared to all the pressure and influence he gets from all these crappy higher-ups that now work for Disney..

  6. @Dustin,

    I think its safe to say, judging how Aaron just materialized hell and Wolverine’s inner battle into something tangible, that he pretty much can do whatever the hell he wants (pun not intended)

  7. Well, I’m pretty sure Jason Aaron can’t stop Marvel from pushing books out that contradict his work. Case in point the Wolverine 1000# issue that contained a mini story , with Logan saying he doesn’t have a girlfriend. I’m sure this is a minor complaint on the broad spectrum of things that are wrong with comic books, but I still feel that it shouldn’t be allowed to happen. In my eyes this is just one of many nitpicks that leads toward fans caring less in regards to plot development.

    To sum up my feelings, I think the problem is with Marvel’s writing as a whole and not just Jason Aaron’s writing. This is further irradiating when you consider that Marvel is still publishing handbooks in the guise that they still care about continuity. However the only conclusion I am reaching is that comic book entertainment is taken as seriously as a Saturday morning cartoon. Which is a true shame when you consider how many good solid stories are to be found in Japanese Anime and video games.

  8. Yeah and I agree that the Hell arc was totally Aaron’s monster, he did write it, but the inherent problem to me is still the overexposure. If I’m Jason Aaron and I’m sitting at my computer having been given the job of Wolvie’s new book, and Dan Way just killed damn near every current enemy he has and Wolvie has apparently discovered every past secret, saved the mutant messiah, went after apocalypse, kang the conquerer and whatever else he does in the avengers, (at the time) IS a vampire, all this happening currently or recently, and your job is to try to top all of that, while adhering to continuity and trying to throw in a bone for long time readers. I know I’d struggle with it. You’d either write another logan starts in a random bar and gets mixed with thugs/ninjas, a girl, and introspective thinking-story.. or you try to take it somewhere else and hope you aren’t hated for it.

  9. I agree overexposure is a problem, but not too much. I mean, Aaron writes the main title, so any somewhat acute person knows that the real Wolverine stories happen there, so throwaway titles like Wolverine 1000 are meant to be read with a grain of salt. We have no idea when they take place, they just give other writers a platform. Remember, Aaron was given a platform back in Wolverine #175, which if you read it, is a springboard for his Wolverine Goes to Hell story. Either way, I know which is the real Wolvy story, and I can bypass junk books like “The Best There Is” and be pretty happy

    With a major character like a Wolverine, other writers should be afforded an opportunity to write him, because you never know, magic might strike. Like Aaron. I mean to go back to Wolverine 1000. That “Adamantium Claws” story was so great, and I loved it. I don’t know who the writer is, but all I know is that she wrote a great Logan, and I would like to see more.

    Your gonna get lame ducks like Daniel Way or Jeph Loeb, who are given more than they should, but I guess that comes with the territory. you just hope the next writer doesn’t suck like the other one.

    Wolverine is an interesting character because of his simplistic nature, but versatile background. You can throw him into any time period after 1860 and it’ll work, he can mesh with any character in the MU, because he either banged their mom or worked with their dad, so the story possibilities are endless. He can go big time (Hell arc) or he can go small time (Rucka stories) and it’ll work. They just have to be creative with them.

    The hell arc had potential, but in the end, it just sucked. Guedes is a fine artist, but he failed miserably. I may not like Acuna, but he probably would have been perfect. His style would have captured the mood. The ‘demons’ in Wolverine’s heads were much more scary and engaging than the ones Guedes drew. Think how awesome, the devil could have been with Acuna, instead of looking like a “Legend” movie knockoff. Its water under the bridge now, but it had potential.

    Also, last point…Aaron doesn’t and shouldn’t have to worry about other stories. His is the main title, so things that happen in his book should be what other writers reference when doing Wolverine, to make sure things don’t overlap. That also includes Uncanny X-Men since it is the flagship. Aaron drafts the plots and his editor should fine tune it and make any notes about things going on in Avenger land or whatever. Either way, nothing of note for Wolverine’s character will ever happen in there, so I wouldn’t lose sleep over it.

  10. I really enjoyed your post and the energy that you put into it.. It is nice to read a hopeful and positive post on this site, it’s been a long time since I’ve read a comic book comment that wasn’t full of negativity. I suppose that I have got used to being jaded. You obviously have a strong passion for Wolverine’s character, which is something all of us can relate toward.

    While I don’t necessary agree with everything that you posted, I can say that I am looking at the situation in a more positive light. Despite our minor differences, I can see that you enjoy the same deep understanding of Wolverine’s character that I do. I do hope that you decide to post more detailed opinions, like the one you shared with us today.

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