Wolverine #5.1 Open Thread

Wolverine #5.1 coverWolverine #5.1 (preview)
Writer: Jason Aaron
Art: Jefte Palo

From Marvel: “START READING with this Point One issue! CELEBRATE the most dangerous birthday in the Marvel Universe when Wolverine’s new girlfriend invites X-Men and Avengers alike to a surprise party for everyone’s favorite mutant. Logan’s birthdays has never been his favorite time of the year, but not even he could anticipate just how bad it could get. One thing is for sure—one way or another, blood will be drawn! Thrill to this stunning beginning of a whole new era for Logan…if he can survive the night!”

On sale February 9, 2011.

I think this issue is a prime example of the best and worst of Jason Aaron.

The best is a wonderfully crafted surprise birthday party that Melita throws for Logan.

The worst are the horribly stupid villains that Logan stumbles upon who no doubt will return based on the final pages.

All in all, a very strong issue of Wolverine’s personal side (I could have done without the Rolling Stones, personally) and a very weak issue of Wolverine’s superhero adventures.

Have at it, everyone!

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  1. I have a question for DiG! What is your opinion of a strong villain for Logan! Please back up your opinion with a comic book story arc and a super villain reference. I fail to see where you are coming from, which is one reason I have a hard time agreeing with you.

    Thanks !

  2. Wow — feels like school all over again. Do I need to use a blue book for my answer? ;)

    My point is that as much as I love Jason Aaron’s characterization of Wolverine — and especially his personal life (such as the Nightcrawler issue) — I find his villains to be rather weak.

    Case in point…

    -Boyd and Bufford: Hillbilly cannibals.
    -The Mongrels: A circus troupe of villains?
    -The Devil: So weak that Wolverine takes his sword away and dethrones him.
    -Roxxon Executives and Scientists: One-dimensional evil and amoral corporate villains straight out of a bad action movie.
    -Dr. Rot: Seriously?

    As you say, this is my opinion, not yours — but is there an Aaron villain you can point to and say, wow, now there’s a great new villain for Wolverine?

  3. In my opinion I feel the villains in Jason Aaron’s book are inappropriate for a Wolverine story. The concepts do sound good on paper but they don’t hold up for a established super hero like Wolverine. Cannibals and insane doctors probably sound cool on paper, but not when you are dealing with Wolverine. I have to say that I do agree with you DiG, the villains are executed in a lame manner.

    I haven’t enjoyed the villains very much in Jason Aaron’s book, but the story always made up for lack of interesting antagonists. ( The only exception being the Wolverine: The List one shot, which wasn’t a character created by him.) There is such a over-saturation of Wolverine stories, that it doesn’t bother me when the main antagonist is on the weak side. I have a hard enough time keeping track of the different villains Logan has faced each week. I hope that answer’s your question DiG.

    It’s hard to explain because I did read this book today and I did enjoy it very much. I came away feeling like another notch has been added toward Wolverine being more of a hero of the light. I enjoy Aaron’s writing because he adds to the noble qualities and elements of Wolverine’s life, which in turn reminds me why I like this character so much. In essence I have to say that the good of Jason Aaron’s writing far exceeds the bad.

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