Wolverine WrapUp (02/02): Daken Dark Wolverine

Daken Dark Wolverine #5 coverDaken Dark Wolverine #5 (preview)
Writer: Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu
Penciler: Giuseppe Camuncoli
Inker: Onofrio Catachhio with Cam Smith & Sandu Florea

From Marvel: “AN ALL-NEW STORYLINE STARTS HERE! Daken is going to prove to the world he’s the best there is at what he does, one country at a time…and he’s starting with MADRIPOOR!”

In stores February 2, 2011.

Wolverine does not appear, but is referenced during a particularly intriguing sequence between Daken and Tyger Tyger (or Ms. Tyger as she is now known)…


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  1. I really didn’t mind this issue that much, there was some interesting dialogue exchange between Daken and Tyger. I guess I am with DiG on this one. I just don’t have that much to say about it in general. I am looking forward to see what happens between Daken and Bucky though.

    Anyone on here play X-Box 360 at all? Only reason I ask it because Wolverine and X-23 are going to be in Marvel Vs Capcom 3.

    Check out some of the trailers if you haven’t already. I think the music for X-23 is kinda sweat. I don’t think it’s fair that poor old Ryu has to fight the monstrous Wolverine.

    Marvel vs Capcom 3 Trailer One.

    Marvel Vs Capcom Trailer Two

    Marvel Vs Capcom Trailer Three

    Galactus Trailer

    M.O.D.O.K. Trailer

    Phoenix Trailer

    X-23 Trailer

    Dormammu Trailer


    I don’t care much for how they designed Wolverine, but I think the way they designed X-23 is spot on. If anyone has a X-box Live Gamer Tag, we should exchange them on DiG’s Wolverine website.

  2. So, does this (his second independent story arc) mean that Daken is pretty much accepted as an ongoing, serious Marvel character?
    Wolverine is getting lamer and lamer, and so it seems that Marvel feels they should anticipate and cater to a younger audience with a character that’s more “badass” -more amoral, and less concerned with being “a man,” or finding “redemption.” Newer readersy want a “real” badass, clawed character without all the “moral crisis” baggage that Logan always is dragging around. Is it possible that Logan is a detriment to Marvel as he is now, and Daken really is what catches a younger comicbook audience today? Is Logan dead…or really “dying,” as his “fans” age and their sensibilities become outmoded (or “quaint”) in the grittier comics of today?

  3. @PDA

    Judging from the poor sales of the Daken title, I see no reason to believe that Daken, or a character like him with such a craptastic backstory is what the public wants.

    They love their Wolverine just fine, they just need him in capable writers and editors

  4. Thanks, JmH Reborn. I’m heartened to hear that sales of “Daken” (I hate that they even use the term “Dark Wolverine,” like Wolverine’s story isn’t dark enough!) is poor. If sales and interest in this awful character fall off enough, will Marvel quietly shuffle him away? And if Marvel drops the character, will his creator Daniel Way finally go away…far, far away?

  5. Well, Way is off of Daken after the next arc. He’s shifting on Astonishing X-Men (Safe to say, that I’m dropping that title now for good) on top of his Deadpool gig. Now that his best bud (Axel Alonso) is now EiC (ugh! Marvel = Dead) I suspect that Way is going to get higher profile gigs until the entire Marvel Universe is completely Vertigoized and sales are so poor that Disney just scraps this entire frat house of Joey boys.

  6. Jeez…the connections and the politics…Way and Alonso…I had no idea. Ugh… depressing thought.

  7. Yeah, I don’t think its any coincidence that since Alonso took over the X-Line, that Wolverine devolved into some 1D killing drone, with quite possibly the worst comic on the stands currently

  8. Why the editorial/corporate hate for Wolverine? Over the past 10 years, it seems that they’re going out of their way to make a complex character – and one of the company’s best – into a simple, violent, easily manipulated fool.

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