‘Wolverine: The Best There Is’ #3 Open Thread

Wolverine: The Best There Is #3 coverWolverine: The Best There Is #3 (preview)
Writers: Charles Huston
Art: Juan Jose Ryp

From Marvel: “SOMEONE THEY CAN HATE, PART 3 OF 6: It’s cover-to-cover blood-soaked action as the most extreme Wolverine monthly ever continues! Wolverine has never faced an opponent quite like Contagion, who becomes a much bigger problem if he’s killed! But first, Logan must get past the aptly named Unkillables. In round two, Wolverine slashes his way past – and through – Slaughter, Suicide, Scavenger and Yi Yang, only to discover that their enigmatic leader is expecting him. Contagion has big plans for Logan. Big plans.”

On sale February 2, 2011.


This really is the biggest piece of crap I’ve read in a long time.

I mean, seriously.

Anyone else care to pile on?

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  1. i feel like i wasted $3.99, i actually think that this is by far the best issue in the series..but that’s really not saying much.

  2. This is why I enjoy Jason Aaron’s work on Wolverine so much. With all the different writers on the same exact character, it is nice that at least one of them as a good grasp on the character. I don’t care if the story line could of used more work, because I want at least one the book I am buying to have my Wolverine be a good guy for a change.

    Too many stories portray Wolverine as a low life scum bucket. It’s refreshing to seer his redeemable values for a change.

  3. i agree with gabriel zero, i actually feel like jason aaron’s one of the very few writers right now who actually writes a good wolverine..

    if this series doesn’t start to get better by next issue, i’ll probably drop this and pretend like it doesn’t exist.

  4. I want to categorize this officially in the same category as Jeff Loeb’s Wolverine story and Wolverine: Origins. I’d like to hold out till the end of the first story to make a decision but after that last issue I think it’s apparent. It possesses a horrible story, terrible characters and a complete misunderstanding of how to write Wolverine. The graphic violence is the only reason why this series exists and that’s a very poor reason to have fans spend their money. And when you have a company like Marvel who is able to spend the money to bring in talented writers and artists to work on your titles, why release garbage like this? And some editor somewhere isn’t doing their job when they look at this and think “This stuff is great.” I hope that this title lasts a shorter time than Wolverine: Weapon X did.

  5. I finished reading this book over today and I also feel that this writing is rather weak. I wasn’t expecting much to begin with, but I also hate the fact that Wolverine resorts to killing all too easy now. I miss the days when Wolverine only used his claws as a last resort. It was just better writing back then, and it left more to the imagination . Fans didn’t know when Wolverine would be backed into a corner and have no choice but to go all out with his savage side.

    Now we see Wolverine going savage all of the time in books like this one. He doesn’t use his restraint or show any control over that dark side of himself. Which is a shame because I enjoyed the stories when the “man” inside of Logan won over the beast inside. Those were the stories I cherished the most, which were portrayed perfectly in stories like Wolverine BloodLust. I miss those sides of Logan.

    It is a shame because the concept of a sickly old man surrounded by villains with varying kinds of immortality and healing factors is kind of intriguing to me. This is just one of those ideas that could of been good but was executed in a horrible manner. It really is sad .

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