Uncanny X-Force #4 Open Thread

Uncanny X-Force #4 coverUncanny X-Force #4 (preview)
Writer: Rick Remender
Art: Jerome Opena

From Marvel: “THE APOCALYPSE SOLUTION, PART FOUR: It all comes down to this! To stop him from bending all reality to his will X-Force must kill Apocalypse. But at a terrible cost. The final set piece: lovers positioned against each other, old friendships irreparably shattered, and the future of the Marvel Universe forever twisted. The story X-fans will be discussing for years to come, the conclusion that will change one character evermore!”

In stores January 26, 2011.

I still haven’t been able to track down a copy of Uncanny X-Force #2 — so I’ve yet to crack this issue (or the last one) open.

Anyone else caught up care to comment?

Facebook comments:

  1. To be honest I am sitting on the fence with the whole new Uncanny X-Force series. But if you asked me to compare it to the last black ops X-Force series that Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle was in charge of, I am going to say that I like the old one better. Personally I am a fan of the way Yost and Kyle wrote Logan and Laura together. I know his stories probably felt rushed sometimes, but I am going to blame that on Marvel and not him. For some reason I feel justified in saying the big corporate heads at Marvel gave them not enough time and issues to complete his master piece.

    But with the little bit of breathing room that Yost and Kyle had, I’m going to say that I did enjoy what I was given. The old X-Force that Wolverine starred in just felt like it had more soul and heart. This new Uncanny X-Force seem to lack the special something that the old one had. I’m not saying that it’s all violence and mindless carnage like the new Wolverine: The Best There Is series. But it still feels like it’s marketed toward twelve year old children with no concept of what a good story is. Sorry but I feel like this series lacks mature intelligent writing.

    I do feel there are some good mature Wolverines still written today. And I do enjoy some harmless innocent fun that can be seen occasionally in New Avengers or Jason Aaron‘s Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine. But I’m just not feeling it here with whoever is writing Uncanny X-Force. It feels like it is stiff and a card board cut out of something that once was. But I am hoping that it picks up so I can change my mind. I do like the idea of Wolverine being the leader of a covert operation team.

    That said anyone care to agree or disagree with me? Post you comments below!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you on the amazing work that Yost and Kyle did with X-Force. Logan and his team really did feel like a brutally efficient killing force, engaging in the missions that no one else could live with on their conscience.
    But give this new one a try, what Remender does with Apocalypse is truly interesting. Both Wolverine and Angel each have their own horrendous experience with ol’ En Sabr Nur, and the continuity is kept tight, resulting in a more layered conflict. Opena is amazing as well, but I have to admit that the prior X-Force series that featured Crain’s work really entranced me. His rendering of Logan is one of my favorites: feral, and a bit hyperbolized.

    Great site, and keep it up.

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