‘Wolverine: The Best There Is’ #2 Open Thread

Wolverine: The Best There Is #2 coverWolverine: The Best There Is #2 (preview)
Writers: Charles Huston
Art: Juan Jose Ryp

From Marvel: “The most shocking Wolverine ongoing continues as writer Charlie Huston and artist Juan Jose Ryp bring you the high octane, blood soaked action you’ve been demanding! Wolverine has just made himself a new worst enemy by the name of Contagion and it’s time for him to let loose. But before everyone’s favorite ill-tempered mutant can give him the ol’ three-claws-to-chest treatment, he’s going have to work his way through Contagion’s legion of “unkillable” cronies. First on the list? The completely insane Madcap! Unfortunately for Logan, not only can this lunatic not die, he’s got a deadly new trick up his sleeve. Its 12 rounds (and then some) of unstoppable killing machine vs. death-defying homicidal maniac!”

On sale January 6, 2010.

Definitely better than last issue, but let’s be honest, that’s not saying much.

I found this issue to be a bloodfest for the sake of shock value — and that is certainly how Marvel is marketing it.

Not my cup of tea — and I like a good bloodfest every now and then.

Anyone else?

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  1. I like the cover at least.

  2. Is the link to the preview working for others?

  3. It’s been awhile so I guess I’ll chime in my two cents even though it’s probably not wanted. =P I am kidding with you forum, I am here just to bring something new to the table. Feel free to rip me to shreds, because that is how we open up our perspectives. We should spend more time intelligently debating, because we might find a new way of thinking introduced into our lives.

    I am open to giving this new book a chance. However I believe it doesn’t hold a candle to how magnificent Jason Aaron‘s onging Wolverine title. Even though his Wolverine goes to hell story arc is a little “meh”, I stand by my opinion that he is the strongest Wolverine writer to ever approach Logan’s character since the original Chris Claremont days. But I guess I am divulging from the main point, which I always tend to do.

    I don’t know who Charles Huston is, but I am getting the same vibe that everybody else is getting. (At least I assume this is what everybody else is feeling, I tend to jump to conclusions a lot.) The vibe I am getting from Marvel is that they think all of the fans who buy Wolverine’s books are teenagers who like to see Wolverine chop and slice his opponents to shreds. While it’s true that some of the loyal readers enjoy the appropriate amounts of gore, I speak for myself when I say we don’t need the book to focus on mindless and unnecessary violence. (Is it me or is this book contradicting everything that Jason Aaron is trying to accomplish is the core series? I’m just saying.)

    The stories that I enjoy the most are the ones that dig a little deeper into Wolverine’s character. That is why I enjoyed almost all of Aaron’s stories featuring Wolverine, since his first short story in the 90’s they showed Logan as more then a savage beast who gave in to his murderous side. I would like to believe that even the most casual Wolverine fan would like to all the writers who touch Logan’s character bring something spiritual to the character of Wolverine. Instead of adding more heinous crimes, painting the picture that Logan deserves to be a irredeemable character.

    I guess I should point out the pros that I see in the book, because I am a optimistic comic book reader. I do enjoy pointing out the positive sides of everything. (As some of you may remember from my old days of always defending Wolverine Origins.) In a past life I can imagine me as someone who got himself (or herself) killed for defending the wrong individual. Oops their I go getting off track again, I warned you that I do that way too often.

    I do enjoy the fact that the cast of villains are supposed to not have any connection to Wolverine’s past. Part of me believes that this is a marketing scheme to draw in new readers who want to start at the very beginning. While I understand that money has a lot to do with everything that Marvel & DC do, I can also stand behind a new direction for Wolverine that doesn’t taste like stale bread. So while their may be more negatives then positives right now, I am ok with at least giving this book a chance.

    I remember someone on here said that this book belonged in a MAX title. I agree that it would of been the smarter choice. Plus this book would of been easier to swallow if it wasn’t connected to the 616 universe. I know I wouldn’t feel the need to nitpick it, like the way I am nitpicking it right now. This brings me full circle to my main point, which is at least we have something interesting to discuss.

    So forum, Do you think Charles Huston’s book is contradicting Jason Aaron’s Wolverine book? Leave your creative and interesting comments BELOW.

    (Gotta love those =3 videos.) ;)

  4. Charlie Huston in just two issues managed to squeeze his way into the dubious corner of Jeph Loeb and Dan Way.

    These comics are horrific, and the art is not so much better. The title is confused about what it wants to be…it wants gore and shock value, but omits the bad words in an annoying fashion, but proceeds to splatter guts all over.

    I honestly don’t know what market they are trying to corner…I’m 27, and this shit doesn’t appeal to me. Wolverine can be a deep and complex character, but at his core, its very straightforward and simple. He’s a guy who is trying to fight that beast inside and be the best guy there is. He has a code of honor, however he’s a pragmatic and believes that was is greater for the whole, is better than for the individual. Its why he has no problem with killing off Wanda, because the ethical thing to do would be to save a million people instead of one.

    I’m not 13 and don’t have an inability to think critically or enjoy smart comics…I like most buyers are older now and not want our shit dumbed down by writers who seem to have a lower IQ than the readers.

    The faster this crap is off the shelves polluting the rest of the good comics on the stands, the better

  5. @gabrielzero

    We don’t need more mindless Wolverine slaughters, that story has been told over and over and over…

    I do believe that this is an attempt (even if it’s a poor one) to attract new readers. Definitely agree with your statement about Marvel’s assumption that the typical Wolverine fan is a teen that just wants to see Logan rip a bunch of bad guys to shreds, and I feel this is a very negative stereotype.

    Personally, I enjoy the stories that really get into the character of Logan, and who he really is under the animal surface that everyone sees. I also tend to be a very positive comic book reader as well, and my optimism sometimes blinds me because I often do anything to find something I like in a comic. There are plenty of comics or directions I supported and now look back and ask myself, “why?” lol

    I’m all for new directions and change, and I’ll support an attempt to do something different. I’m not saying I’ll like it, in fact I may hate it, but I can appreciate new ideas, even if they do fail miserably. I’ll prefer that to a failed attempt at rehashing something that’s been done before.

    But to actually answer the question…Is this series contradicting Aaron’s book? I don’t know, I really haven’t even taken this one seriously enough to think about it. I’m not a huge fan of the Wolverine in Hell story (but I don’t hate it), I’m kind of in the middle, but it’s obviously a very different Wolverine in that series than in this one. Even if the story’s not great, Aaron understands the character, which is good enough to keep me happy most of the time. I just hope that people are not picking up this series without picking up Aaron’s book as well, because in that case it may be hurting people’s perception of Wolverine and then it would be contradicting Aaron’s work.

  6. I hate to repost but JmH Reborn pretty much sums up my thoughts about who Wolverine is. I mean, it really is that simple.

  7. Two issues in and my thoughts are pretty much going along with everyone else’s. My issue with this is where’s the story? You can get away with a violent comic as long as there is something to a worthwhile story to it. I was the one who commented that this could be a MAX title and anyone who read Garth Ennis’s “Punisher” run knows this.

    However, I’m not one to put Charlie Huston into the same category as Loeb and Way. The reason why is because Huston isn’t attempting to do anything with Wolverine except make him go through enemies like a meat grinder. Loeb and Way took Wolverine and crapped all over his background and character by trying to do something different but thought out poorly.

    Huston obviously doesn’t need to put any thought into what he’s doing. Wolverine is pretty much being used as a video game character in a fighting game. You don’t have to put any characterization into what you’re using the character for. You simply use it to cause violence. That’s the big reason why this series isn’t going to survive. People aren’t going to stick with a book when there’s no worthwhile story no matter how much voilence there is in it.

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