Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #4 Open Thread

Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine #4 coverAstonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #4 (preview)
Writer: Jason Aaron
Pencils: Adam Kubert
Digital Inks: Mike Roslan

From Marvel: “Who is the major Marvel villain throwing Spider-Man and Wolverine through time? FIND OUT HERE! The adventure through time takes a strange turn as Wolverine finds himself face to face with a young pre-“With Great Power” revelation Peter Parker and Spider-Man finds himself in the wilds of Canada face-to-face with a savage young James Howlett! And as if that weren’t enough, we also get the lowdown on The Czar and Big Murder. Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert bring the chickens home to roost, only they’re Robotic Were-Chickens with razor-wattles and lasers mounted on their combs.”

On sale December 29, 2010.

Three and a half months since the last issue.

Forgive me, but when I have to wait that long for an issue, the series better be spectacular. Or in this case, astonishing.

Unfortunately, after being yanked through time for this many issues, I found the villains to be rather two-bit (though the last page is a kick in the pants).

That said, Jason Aaron shakes things up with a blast from Wolverine’s past.

VERY deftly done.

One hopes Aaron will return to that sequence before the series is out.

Anyone else?

Facebook comments:

  1. This series feels like a 4 issue miniseries stretched out over 12 issues. A storyline that has been drawn out for far longer than necessary and shipped extremely inconsistently has left a complete lack of interest whenever an issue comes out. The villains suck. The appearances in each other’s pasts was ok but this series hit unnecessary quite a while ago. Especially once the series ends and nothing has changed.

  2. Whoa Comusiv! How can you hate on Jason Aaron like that? Have you seen his blog? Just look at how huge his freaking beard is! How can you hate someone who has a gigantic beard like that? Just look at it! Seriously!! =O

    I am kidding with you Comusiv, you know I love reading your detailed opinions on my favorite comic book character. Seriously it is fans like you that are keeping this community alive. =)

    First off any Wolverine comic penciled by Adam Kubert makes me weak in the knees. I have a big weak spot for Adam Kubert since the days Larry Hama wrote the book. Though I must admit I am slightly disappointed in how he designed DOG, I wasn’t expecting him to look like a red nosed drunk. Other then that I am giggling like high school girl at a boy band concert over Kubert’s return to Wolverine…….. What? I am the only one giggling like a school girl? Screw you DiG ! You told me that was normal comic book fan boy behavior.

    The only thing I can seriously contribute to this discussion is simply this: Did you expect anything less from Marvel? Of course I ask that question with a great deal of sarcasm. My feeling is that this book would of been received in a more positive light if Marvel took their stories seriously. However as we all know we won’t ever seen stories coincide with each other, like they did back in the old Claremont days when Wolverine was on only one super hero team.

    One thing that I do disagree with is that I believe unlike Marvel, by the end of the story Jason Aaron will have carried on the events of this book into his future stories that involve Spider-Man and Wolverine. And while it might not have a humongous impact on all the writers that work on these two characters together like this, it will be good enough to me that at least one writer is taking his writing seriously. Proof of Jason Aaron doing this is in past writings that involve Mystique, I have witnessed many times that he referenced Logan’s exchange with Mystique in the Got Mystique story arc many years ago.

    That is what separates Jason Aaron from the other writers who simply do it for the money alone. You don’t have to dig that far to see how he dusts off old character events and puts them back on the table again. He treats the old fans with the respect they deserve, by keeping things fresh and yet acknowledging that the old stories we supported did happen. I realize I must sound like a religious preacher, so for a limited time only I am going to allow Comusiv to refer to me as Gospel Preacher Gabe. I am only putting this one on the table for a month. ;)

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