In Hell: Wolverine #3 Open Thread

Wolverine #3 coverWolverine #3 (preview)
Writer: Jason Aaron
Pencils: Renato Guedes
Inks: Jose Wilson Magalhaes

From Marvel: “Wolverine Goes to Hell, Part Three: Logan’s soul is trapped in hell, fighting off hordes of old enemies who all want to see him suffer. Meanwhile his demonically-possessed body is running around on earth, looking to slaughter everyone Logan has ever cared about. Who could possibly help sort all this out? Maybe a certain flaming-skulled biker and his buddy, the Son of Satan? Plus, the dramatic return of the toughest, most two-fisted dwarf Marvel has ever seen.”

On sale November 3, 2010.

Another outstanding issue with more and more intrigue building with Puck, Mystique and Melita. The final pages with Puck and a confrontation with Demon Wolverine as well as the mysterious backup story (by Jason Aaron and Michael Gaydos) sets the stage nicely for the next issue.

Anyone else care to add their thoughts on the most intriguing Wolverine tale in years?

Facebook comments:

  1. I will say that this story has gotten better, but I’m still not convinced that I’ll ended up liking the final act. It seems as if they’re setting Logan up to be like the ruler of hell, which I’m sure he’ll turn down or something.

    Sabretooth acting like a trained dog rubbed me the wrong way, mostly since I’m a big fan of the serial killing, raping sociopath who’s as intelligent and cunning as any other character. The fact that he’s in hell further reinforces the Loeb story and I detest that.

    The devil on the other hand annoys me to no end and makes no attempt at being anything memorable. He looks like a cheap “Legend” movie knockoff and nothing other than his size differentiates him from his minions. I’d like to see the devil that changes perceptions, attempts to deceive, create illusions and such. Physical torture, no matter how many years is something Wolverine can absorb, even painful whippings from Mariko. It was a messed up scene, but I’d like to see the devil truly act like a conniving and deceitful guy as opposed to some naked chump who gets off on seeing Wolverine whipped.

    I guess I don’t like this story too much, the Devil here really just takes me out of the story because he sounds and acts like some inbred hick. They should have just used Mephisto and call it a day

  2. only thing I hatye so far is that yukio might end up dead too much death in the x titles at least spare yukio hate to see her gone to many women in logan’s life end up dead. hope logan kills mystique instead bet cha he wished he gutted her now. good story the fight between logan and creed was awful come on there has to be another conflict creed vs logan in hell not enough violence creed was supposed to do some serious ass kicking.

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