Wolverine Weapon X #14 Open Thread

Wolverine Weapon X #14 (preview)
Writer: Jason Aaron
Pencils: Ron Garney

From Marvel: “With battles raging in both the future and the present, pushing Wolverine and Captain America to their very limits, the most important battle may yet be the one taking place inside the mind of a cyborg assassin. Witness the battle for the soul of a Deathlok. Oh, and laser claws too.”

On sale June 23, 2010.

What do you think of the penultimate chapter of Jason Aaron’s time-traveling Wolverine saga –too confusing or Deathlok awesomeness…

And if you haven’t picked up the issue, make sure to read the preview, linked next the series title above.

Facebook comments:

  1. All about Deathlok — and as much as I like Deathlok conceptually — this issue didn’t do much for me.

    Anyone out there enjoy this?

  2. There is a part of me that actually kind of enjoys this storyline. I mean sure it is pretty much a nothing, throw away storyline that steals more than enough ideas from Terminator and (as of this issue) Robocop. But it is at least taking a chance at something different from what we normally see from a Wolverine series.

    The thing is that you have two extremes with Weapon X and Origin. You have a series with Origin that is trying too hard to use history and spin it to create something new (and ultimately bad) and you have Weapon X that is simply trying to create new stories that you don’t normally get (which can be good or bad). I’ll take what Weapon X is bringing us over Origin.

    But since the series will be ending soon and these are the sorts of stories we are going to be getting when Jason Aaron is writing the new Wolverine series, we’ll be having discussions along the lines of “This is a great storyline” or “This story sucks. Why did they do this coming off of such a good story?” That beats the standard Origin discussions of “This really sucks.”

  3. I liked Origin and I prefer Origin over Weapon X. Though I wouldn’t want to give up either of them.

    Origin for me wasn’t overly complicated and it wasn’t difficult to understand. I enjoyed the concept of Daken and Romulus. And most of all I enjoyed that fact that Way wanted Logan to put his “past to rest.” I don’t enjoy seeing Logan chase down Weapon X facilities all in the name of “revenge”. I had enough of that in the Larry Hama run thank you very much. For me everything was tied together nicely, when any writer would of had a hard time putting all the pieces together.

    But I know “defending” a book that the eight or ten veterans on this site hate is a lost cause. So I’ll bid myself adieu until I am baited by another open thread in the future. adios.

  4. this issue was good, granted it was Deathlok heavy but i think they just want to showcase a potental new character to use elsewhere plus yes its not that important to Logan but every now and then i like these just hopefully not to often

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