Uncanny X-Men: First Class #8: A Wee Problem

Hey, everyone, jrpbsp here… Playing catch up, so here is last week’s review of ‘Uncanny X-Men: First Class’. Hope you enjoy it.

Uncanny X-Men: First Class #8 (preview)
Writer: Scott Gray
Art: Fernando Blanco


RECAP: The issue opens with a murder in Cassidy Keep. The librarian, Master Finnan, is dead and so the caretaker calls for the Lord of the Manner, Sean Cassidy. He arrives with Logan, Kurt and Piotr determined to unravel the mystery. Sean does not believe it is a suicide despite a note left by Finnan and he promises Finnan’s daughter, Molly, to find the truth. Inspecting the area discovers chamomile in the tea, a deadly poison to the leprechauns.

Before they can search more, Conall the head of the museum, comes in and gives more bad news. The family museum was attacked and the ring of Sean’s ancestor, Liam, was stolen. Liam was the one that built the keep and was a great champion and with his leprechaun friend, Malachy Quinn, they defeated a great Sidhe evil. Besides the ring, Liam and Malachy’s tapestry was damaged far above where a leprechaun could reach.

Sean next visits Owen McGuinness, the apothecary, and keeper of the only supply of chamomile in the castle.  Owen introduces his grandson Declan who shows them the chamomile supply. Sean cuts himself on a lantern before discovering the supply is gone. He then talks to the kitchen staff who relates the events of the night in question, saying Finnan was acting strangely and there was a giggling noise from the room.

Sean takes another look at the note and declares it to be Finnan’s handwriting. What is more he knows who killed the old leprechaun and sets up a meeting of the house. After going through the suspects, Sean fingers Declan as his name was spelled in the note. The young leprechaun admits it and says it is because he has always been ridiculed because he is half Sidhe. He has wings which is how he damaged the tapestry. He needed Sean’s blood and with it he uses the Cassidy ring to control all the fae in the castle and even summon the Sidhe to battle.

The X-Men are limited in the fight since none of their attackers are in their right minds, but eventually Sean is able to use his power to shatter the ring and free everyone. Once the threat is ended, the whole castle turns out for the funeral of Finnan and Banshee once again says goodbye to his family’s keep.

MY TAKE: This is a fun little issue, with a nice mystery and good character moments. It actually felt like a First Class issue and I was glad to see it. There is nothing really new or earth shaking here, but the story is well told and it does pull you into the plot. Banshee has proven to be the strongest character for this series and so ending with him is a good idea. Using the leprechauns is a nice way to keep things a bit lighter and more child friendly without having to alienate the adult readers.

Although Sean gets the most screen time, and is certainly the best used character, the rest of the team make good supporting players. Logan feels more natural here and both Kurt and Piotr get a few good moments. I specifically liked Kurt’s interaction with Declan about how it feels to be an outsider.

The murder plot was very well done and felt like an actual murder mystery, just trimmed down to fit the book. There were clues and suspects and even several false leads and potential villains. While the eventual killer’s motivation was not the most logical or fitting, it was solid enough not to hurt the story.

The biggest flaw, for me, was the forced combat at the end of the issue. I do understand that a certain amount of action is expected in a comic book, especially those aimed at younger viewers, but it did not really fit. It did give the rest of the X-Men something more meaningful to do, but it would have been better to make defeating the villain a smaller and more personal affair. Bringing in hoards of creatures just confused the story and made the ending longer then it needed to be. A quicker conclusion would have given more time for the murder plot to play out.

In the end this was a good stand alone story that combined an interesting story with some strong characterizations. It is too bad that this is the end of the series because it has had a lot of promise for the past few issues, after a somewhat shaky start. Hopefully, the sales will increase for these issues and we can see another series in the future. Now that the creative team has found their stride, I expect it would be very entertaining.

Thanks for reading my review for Wolverine Files. I will be keeping to this format for the most part but please keep the comments coming and I will see everyone again next time.

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  1. We require you to deal with Uncanny X men plot for X men First Class Movie 2011, such as :

    01. Selene

    X-FORCE #11 brings Selene, the psychic vampire and longtime X-Men foe, back as writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost, along with artists Clayton Crain and Alina Urusov, delve into the mysterious Eli Bard’s history on January 28.

    Selene, who has managed to live for untold millennia with her ability to sap others’ life force and extend her own, has frequently menaced Marvel’s mutants and even served as the Hellfire Club’s Black Queen. More recently, she seduced the young mutant Wither in the pages of NEW X-MEN before disappearing once more.

    But while the next issue of X-FORCE marks her first physical appearance in the series, Yost tells us that, “in a way, she—or her presence—has been in the book since issue #1 and before. Readers of our NEW X-MEN run know she showed up there. But issue #11 will give her definitive connection to the X-Force story, and as for the future, you’ll catch a glimpse of it at the end of #11. And, shocker, it’s grim.”

    Kyle adds that bringing Selene into the book has been part of the writers’ plans for the series from its very inception.

    “This series is about building the stakes to a place that we’ve never hit before, while taking care of any unfinished business we have from our previous books,” he elaborates. “When we left NEW X-MEN we asked for two things, X-23—duh—and Selene. Selene was the biggest story we

    didn’t have time to tell in our last book and her arc has only gotten better since we’ve started X-Force.”

    Rogue Purifier Eli Bard, who recently dug up the bodies of Warpath’s entire tribe, has known Selene for quite a while now, a story which Kyle and Yost promise to break wide open in X-FORCE #11.

    “The two of them are a dark and twisted couple, at least in Eli’s mind,” Yost coyly states. “In issue #6, he made reference to death being his queen. Three guesses as to who he’s referring to.”

    “The next issue will spill the beans on their back story, but there is much more to come with these two characters,” Kyle divulges. “Their relationship and actions will affect everyone in our title, even Bastion.”

    Selene as a character has always appealed to both writers, who have often expressed a love of the X-Men’s storied history.

    “Ever since the Nova Roma story in the [original] NEW MUTANTS [series] and her introduction into the Hellfire Club in UNCANNY X-MEN, Selene has been a favorite,” Yost notes. “She’s the vampiric goddess, unabashedly evil. She’s the seductress. As young Wither found out, she’s hard to resist. And her outfits are quite nice.”

    “Yes, you have to respect women who want to be sexy first and evil second,” Kyle jokes. “In all seriousness, Selene is a character that we feel can be as great as Emma Frost, and hopefully our coming story will help her achieve some of that awesomeness.”

    Even though X-FORCE has returned a number of classic X-Men characters to the fold, ranging from Domino to Bastion and, now, Selene, Kyle felt the necessity to also add something to the mutants’ mythos.

    X-FORCE #11
    cover by
    Clayton Crain
    “Chris and I are all about brining back the classics,” he relates. “The old characters and stories are still the best. That said, we needed someone new to help strengthen the Selene and Bastion arcs. By the next issue you’ll see that even though Eli is new to the books, he is old to the Marvel Universe.”

    For fans of millennia-sweeping epics, Yost vows that this story will cover a large amount of time as it illuminates Eli Bard’s past.

    “Issue #11 is primarily focused on Warpath telling the story of Eli Bard that he learned from his spirit guides in issue #10,” the writer explains. “It starts in ancient Rome, and ends in the present day.”

    After filling readers in on Eli Bard’s story, Yost and Kyle tease fans with a couple hints as to what they can expect in the coming months:

    “The road to ‘Messiah War’ is going to be a rough one,” warns Yost, referring to the upcoming crossover between X-FORCE and CABLE. “Anyone who thinks the Leper Queen isn’t a threat, think again.”

    “Rahne’s story has just begun,” Kyle leaves off. “Be patient and you’ll see exactly why we put her in this book.”

    X-FORCE #11 unravels the past on January 28. For more Selene, visit Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

    02. Havok and Polaris

    Doom places each of the X-Men in a prison cell intended to test their abilities – if they fail, they die. Storm, confined in her own body after having been turned into living chrome, is subconsciously calling forth a great tempest, striving to be free or dead. Havok, Iceman, Polaris andBanshee find their way to Murderworld, and escape Miss Locke’s various traps to defeat her and free the hostages. Back at von Doom’s, Nightcrawler has taken a risk and teleported out of his featureless cell. In the storm caused by Ororo Scott loses his blindfold, causing his optic blasts to be revealed to Lee.

    Full Synopsis:
    Dr. Doom watches a fierce storm gathering outside, despite a clear forecast, and wonders if this could be Storm’s doing. Storm herself is perfectly docile, and agrees without complaint to fetch Doom and Arcade tea. Arcade complains about his predicament and the failure of the X-Men to rescue him, then asks about their fate. Doom explains that he has imprisoned each with a test, one which they can pass, but only with the ultimate combination of their abilities and intellect.

    Nightcrawler is trapped in a featureless cube. He could, of course, teleport away, but has no way of knowing if he will materialize in something solid, which would kill him instantly.

    Colossus is trapped on a rock above a raging whirlpool. In his armored form he doesn’t breathe, but there are lasers in the water than blast anything which fall through, preventing him from diving off.

    Wolverine finds himself in a zero-gravity room, with the walls done in an op-art style to create the illusion of infinite space. Worse, every time he moves, it triggers a disorienting psychedelic light show. He hits a wall, causing inbuilt repellor fields to send him careening wildly around the room,setting off ever more confusing light shows.

    Nthen there’s Angel, on a perch in the middle of a giant birdcage. There appears to be nothing to prevent him leaving, but as soon as he attempts it, lasers fire randomly around the cage. Individually, they can’t do serious damage, but if enough hit, it could kill him. He realiZes Doom is testing him. Stay safe on the perch, or risk everything flying through the lasers.

    Meanwhile, Ororo returns with Doom and Arcade’s tea, causing Arcade to express amazement at how easily Doom has subdued one as wilful as Storm. The deposed ruler reveals that the Storm serving them is nothing but a robot simulacrum. The real Storm has been transformed to living chrome, still alive, but incapable of movement or even thought. For the claustrophobic Ororo, this is the ultimate horror, and her subconscious mind lashes out but summoning a terrible storm to rage around Doom’s castle.

    Its effects are felt as far away as the Caribbean, where a storm rages around the island Lee and Scott are stranded on. A sudden lightning bolt destroys the pair’s hiding place, and dislodges Scott’s blindfold, causing his optic blasts to reveal themselves. Lee quickly intervenes and replaces the blindfold, and Scott reluctantly admits he owes her an explanation.

    Six hours earlier, Havok’s team arrives at the park where Arcade released the X-Men after their last trip to Murderworld. From there, Polaris can trace the electrical energy back to Murderworld’s source… under a landfill. Iceman comments that Polaris is wearing the costume given to her by Erik the Red again. It keeps her warm, she replies.

    Havok uses his power to bore their way underground, having Polaris short every electrical system in the complex to prevent alarms from sounding. She does so, but a hologram of Miss Locke still appears after they enter, welcoming Banshee and his ‘new playmates’ back to Murderworld.

    Trapdoors open under the four, separating them throughout Murderworld, much to the delight of Miss Locke, watching in the control room. Her assistant, Mr. Chambers, confirms that backup systems are all online, but only just, shields barely held against Polaris’ strike.

    Havok finds himself on a roller coaster, which plunges him into a holographic space battle. Problem is, some of the ships attacking him are real, not holograms, and he has no way of telling which is which. While he tries to simply blast them all, he comes face to face with the mothership.

    Iceman is thrown into an ice rink, which he quickly discovers is wafer thin. A team of android hockey players appear to attack him, and though he can easily hold them back, their weight crashes through the ice, revealing acid underneath. To make matters worse, heaters fire up along the walls, meaning he has little time to escape.

    Polaris awakes on a carousel, to see a laughing llyana Rasputin running by. As she goes to help, she turns her back on the ride’s animals, which spring to life and attack her. A magnetic force blast quickly destroys her attackers, but as she turns back to what she believes to be Illyana, the young Russian girl pulls a gun and starts shooting.

    Banshee is in a fake western shootout, and though he easily dispatches his android opponent, more wait to open fire in a nearby saloon. A quickly thrown microbomb destroys not only them, but also the wall behind, revealing Moira MacTaggert being tied to the tracks of a rollercoaster by an android villain.

    Havok jumps away just before his shuttle is destroyed entering the mothership, hoping Miss Locke will believe he died in the explosion. He escapes into a utility tunnel and, lacking Banshee’s knowledge of electronics, destroys the first junction box he sees. His random attack succeeds, and Mr. Chambers reports a systems malfunction in Sector 12, setting out to investigate.

    Polaris easily defeats her android opponent with her magnetic powers, only for the carousel to start wildly spinning, breaking free of its moorings and taking off into the air. Lorna desperately holds on until the machine pulls apart from the strain, protecting herself with a magnetic antigravity field. She quickly runs into trouble, however, when an inhibitor field interrupts her powers, sending her plummeting, directly into Iceman’s rink.

    Bobby quickly whips up an iceslide to catch her and prevent her falling into the acid, admitting to himself that he still has feelings for her, but he has difficulty maintaining it with the heaters. As the ice below begins to crack, he realizes he needs to escape, and supercools the wall ahead, making it so brittle the two can break through.

    Mr. Chambers has found the destroyed circuit box, only to be ambushed by the watching Havok.

    Things are not going so rosily for Banshee, however. He easily defeats the android tying Moira to the tracks, but she warns him that Amanda Sefton and Candy Southern are on the roller coaster racing towards her, meaning if Sean uses a bomb to destroy the tracks, it will kill them instead. Nevertheless, he finds himself unwilling to let Moira die, and reaches for a microbomb. Fortunately, he is prevented from making that painful decision by the arrival of Iceman and Polaris. Iceman creates a shield to deflect the coast, while Polaris safely lowers the women to the ground. Before the gang can celebrate, however, Moira explodes, Polaris erecting a forcefield just in time to save them. None of the hostages were real, merely more of Murderworld’s androids.

    The trio plan to head to the control room, a plan which Miss Locke dismisses as she watches them on her computer. To her surprise, however, Havok has already made his way there, and he easily stops her attempt at resistance. Having defeated Miss Locke, the X-Men rescue the hostages and return to the surface, only to discover an unseasonal hurricane blowing.

    Upstate, Doom is worrying about the same thing, while Arcade is too busy enjoying his Cuban cigar to care. While the Storm-statue begins to glow unnoticed in the background, Arcade gleefully points to the monitor, to reveal that Nightcrawler has disappeared.

    Angel, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm, Wolverine (All X-Men)
    Banshee, Cyclops, Havok, Iceman, Polaris (Former X-Men)

    Aleytys “Lee” Forrester, captain of the trawler Arcadia

    Moira MacTaggert, geneticist and friend of the X-Men
    John and Elaine Grey, parents of Jean Grey
    Amanda Sefton, sorceress and girlfriend of Nightcrawler
    Candy Southern, girlfriend of Angel
    Illyana Rasputin, little sister of Colossus

    Miss Locke
    Mr. Chambers, Miss Locke’s assistant

    Doombot, pretending to be von Doom

    Banshee, along with the other X-Men, last visited Murderworld in Uncanny X-Men #’s 123 & 124.

    The use of modern art in cells as a torture device didn’t originate with Doom and Wolverine; it was used by anarchists against fascist prisoners during the Spanish Civil War.

    03. Jean Grey / Dark Phoenix

    Phoenix, Jean Grey, Our favorite X-men comic book super heroine was a mutant born with vast telepathic and telekinetic powers. Her powers first appeared when she saw her friend hit by a car and she entered her mind while she died. Soon after she became Marvel Girl as one of the original X-men and eventually transformed into Phoenix for the superhero team in issue 101 of the Uncanny X-men. She has faced death several times in the history of the series, first in the classic “Dark Phoenix Saga” but due to her connection with the Phoenix Force, she, as her namesake implies, she rises from the ashes.

    This lens is about all things Jean Grey and her life with the X-men and her husband Scott Summers, Cyclops. Currently she is still deceased and the Marvel editors say that won’t change soon, but I’m betting she is back again one day. Oh, and the whole White Queen affair. We refuse to accept this and substitute my own reality. This would never happen and in my mind it is all a hoax. Like Scott would choose Emma over Jean.

    04. Sunfire


    Months later, Professor X recruited Sunfire to join a new team of X-Men to rescue the originals from Krakoa, the Living Island, and Sunfire accompanied the fledgling X-Men on this mission.[5] However, he resigned from the team before he received official membership. This was mainly due to his arrogance and his irrational temper.[6]

    Sunfire later battled Iron Man and the second Guardsman.[7] With the X-Men, he battled Moses Magnum.[8] He was later among the heroes summoned by the Grandmaster for the first Contest of Champions, in which he battled Darkstar.[9] With the X-Men, he battled an alien dragon.[10] Alongside Cable, Wolverine, and the New Mutants, he battled Stryfe, and the MLF.[11] Sunfire later battled the Corruptor and Deadline.[12] Sunfire was later hypnotized by Doctor Demonicus into joining his Pacific Overlords. Alongside Pele, Sunfire battled Hawkeye, Namor, and Spider-Woman.[13] Sunfire received a new set of armor, and with the X-Men battled the inhabitants of the Void.[14] Alongside Gambit, he later battled the Hand.

    and The Villains who the most important for X men First Class are :
    Master Mold, Dead Pool, Bastion, Mastermind, Onslaught, etc.

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