Wolverine Files Update XXXIII: Secret Agent Man, Eh?

Secret Agent Logan

I just finished updating yet another Wolverine chapter, 013: Secret Agent Man, Eh?.

Check it out and let me know what you think…

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  1. Why Wolverine can’t be a real Lupine.

    Forword: This is a collection of details i had in my free time while reading X-men storys. They are not meant to show off (impress anyone), they are also not meant to downgrade Wolverine as a mammal type mutant or to say that his character is any way bad or lame.
    I only made them out of dislike for Jeph Loebs Wolverine story and collected what bugged me about it.
    Hey in the end it’s just comics! You can still enjoy them even when noticing such details.

    I know most of you (me too) try to pretent Jeph Loebs little Wolverine story never happend because of being badly written, having to much plot holes and for some people because it killed of Sabertooth in a lame way.

    However it seems we can’t avoid that storyline anymore since to many of it’s elements have been proofen to be canon in other titles and seem to get intervowen into the X-men history.
    But i think that next to pretending it never happend or activly wish for a retcon, i noticed that there is also a third option which you can use to sabotage this story.

    Since Marvel is known for trying to explain many things with technobable, i have found a way to contradict Loebs story with said thing, mainly the Lupine elemts.

    So where to start? Okay i think a little explaining is good for those who avoided the storyline but still wanna know what i’m talking about.

    Acording to Jeph Loebs Wolverine story (or better the flashbacks in it), the Lupine are an ancient race of wolfs who somehow recived X-genes, transforming them into near human creatures. They were of humanoid shape, walking bipedal and having many other human features.
    However they still had sharp teeth, fur and clawed hands.

    Further the Lupin were supposed to have discovered metalogy far before the humans (one flashback during the story showed Lupines with weapons and armor in greece style fighting humans only armed with stone headed spears), nearly wiping out the humans before one of the named Romolus decided to rather manipulate humanity than destroy it.
    Said guy also decided that the two mighties Lupine, one with black hair and one with blond hair should always fight each other…

    So much to that.

    Additional the story also seemed to imply that Wolfsbane, Feral, Thornn and Sasquatch also have something to do with this species.
    As everyone already noticed back during the storyline this was easily contrictable.
    Since Sasquatch in theory has nothing to do with the Lupine, being in that form because of a mystical curse (which falls into Quesadas next clean up project).
    Feral and Thornn were feline (cat like mutants) and canin so they biological already differ to greatly from the concept of the Lupin.
    Wolfsbahne had a slighty chance of being related to them but her half-form doesn’t look like the lupines.

    However, here comes my own observation into play. Because comparing these three mutants (already excluding Sasquatch), they actualy have a higher chance at being related to the Lupines than Wolverine!
    Sabertooth and Wildchild fully fit the Lupine design, but Wolverine has barely something that would indentify him as one.

    Of course some might say that Wolverine fits because of having 1. Claws, 2. Animal senses, 3. Almost fur like hair, 4. healing factor, 5.berzerk rage.

    But aye there are some little problems.

    1. Wolverine does not have Claws in natural sense. The Lupines had hands which were like claws with sharp fingernails made of sturdy ceratine.
    Wolverines “Claws” however are actualy blades. They are long with sharp straight edges and a slightly bow at the end to increase townward motion. Also they appear after cutting through his own flesh and are made of bone.

    There is no such mammal in our nature which feauters this kind of claws. However there is one animal which comes close to it.

    The “Trichobatrachus robustus” aka. Hairy Frog

    This type of anphibia has bones which get broken appart to serve as claws, they cut through the own flesh of the creature and are not covered in ceratine.

    There you have it. Wolverine has more in common with a FROG than any actualy mammal in terms of claws!

    Also doesn’t a healing factor rather fits amphibians and lizards than mammals? Because i never heared of mammals being able to regenerate so fast.

    Sabertooth, Wildchild, Feral, Thornn, Wolfsbane, Beast and many more. They all have claws, real ones, made of ceratine, placed at their fingers.
    Wolverine does not. He has BLADES!

    2. Highten senses are actualy nothing exclusive to animal type mutants. For example Callisto had highten senses, including hearing and smelling (acording to Son of M, which i nowdays take as the official explanation of her powers). Jaeger from the Neo also had those without looking like an animal.

    There is nothing in highten smell sense that would exclusivly fit animal or Lupine type mutants.

    3. Wolverine has as much hair as some regular humans have. That’s nothing unusual and just as much make him a de-evolved human as much as an animal type mutant.

    4. Again nothing exclusive to feral type mutants. Characters like Hulk, The Lizard (from Spiderman) or Comodo (from Avengers the Initiative) have healing factor which are equial strong as Wolverines or Sabertooths.

    5. I think Berzerk rage is not something exclusive to animals. Infact humans can go berzerk as much as any animal. So this again is not something exclusive to the Lupine.
    It might again rather fit primitive humans than actual animals.

    Next to the claws i mentiod under 1., Wolverine is also lacking the sharp teeth (his own look just a bit sharper than normal human ones) and other features of the face which the Lupine had.

    So my conclusion is that Wolverine does not posses enough features the Lupines had, while characters like Sabertooth, Wildchild and even Feral and Thornn had.

    Judging by these details Wolverine has more in common with primitiv humans or even amphibians than actual mammals.

    So in theory the species Jeph Loeb created around Wolverine, or made him a prime example of, has barely any simliarity to him!

    Taken from Grunty on here.

    Wanted to know if anyone agreed.

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