Wolverine: Origins #30 Review: Original Sin Finale

Wolverine: Origins #30 coverWolverine: Origins #30
‘Original Sin, Part 5’
Writer: Daniel Way
Artist: Mike Deodato

I gotta be honest. If Original Sin hadn’t been billed as a major crossover, as a stunning revelation, I might have actually enjoyed the Wolverine: Origins‘ half of this storyline.

It wasn’t bad. It actually showed a little heart.

But as for revelations and important crossovers, it really was a dud. In fact, there wasn’t a single new fact revealed about Wolverine and Xavier’s first encounter in this entire issue.

That said, the ending does provide the groundwork for the finale of Daniel Way’s saga.

One hopes, however, that Marvel doesn’t drag it out like they have the rest of the series.

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From Marvel (preview): “Continued from X-MEN: LEGACY #218! Searching for his kidnapped son, Wolverine will let nothing stand in his way—not even The Hellfire Club! Meanwhile, what dark secrets will Professor X unearth inside the scorched battlefield that is Wolverine’s mind? And what will it tell him about his own past deeds? Find out here in the mind-shattering—literally mind-shattering—conclusion to ORIGINAL SIN!” On sale November 26, 2008.

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  1. I thought it was great.

    A lot has changed since that horrible artist Dillon left the book. In my opinion 85% of the reason Origins suffered in sales, is because of the shitty artwork that Dillon was responsible for. They really should exile Dillon from all future Wolverine and Deadpool titles. It’s too clean and simple for such complicated and dramatic characters.

    Also if you go back and read Trade Paper Backs 1- 5 , you will see that despite the slow pacing, Way’s entire story is very thought out and entertaining. He doesn’t reveal everything out in the open, sometimes answers are in the background and you don’t quite realize it until your second or third reading. Like the beating Deadpool gave to his father for example, it was because he was crying at his mother’s grave. I had no idea until I went back and read those issues over again.

    Then there is Winter Soldiers involvement in the entire story. Bucky was intentionally inserted into the story to pay off his debt to Logan. I never realized how important this character was , until I went back and read Origins and Endings and the five TPB’s of Origins together. It is very obvious that Way has thought things out far in advance. Everything is connected and now I have even more faith in the conclusion of Origins.

  2. “But as for revelations and important crossovers, it really was a dud. In fact, there wasn’t a single new fact revealed about Wolverine and Xavier’s first encounter in this entire issue.”

    I agree. Again, we must suffer of “Wolverine acting under Romulus’s brainwashing. Unfortunately, this time D. Way has now to scratch Xavier’s integrity (it is revealed that he destroyed Logan’s memories… Xavier, not Weapon X….). However, it’s fun to see how other books seem to ignore these facts (see Weapon X: First Class). I hope that after Old Logan’s arc, Wolverine series will do the same.

  3. I will certainly put the whole saga in my stack of re-reads (currently re-reading Naruto, Ben Edlund’s the Tick –now in TPB and Brubaker’s Captain America. Next up is Frank Miller’s Sin City, 100 Bullets, Watchmen and Powers).

    That said, there seems to be some inconsistencies from my last re-read, such as in the rendering of Itsu (she is drawn as a Westerner with red hair at one point) and the timing of events.
    –Discrepancies in when Logan lived in Jasmine Falls…
    –Discrepancies in when Logan was forced to wear a patch due to his lost eye…
    –Discrepancies in when Hudson ran a military camp in Canada (ranging from the 1910s to the 1960s — not to mention a bizarre reference to a pregnancy of his secretary)…

    Does your re-read add any clarity to any of those events? And did you include the Wolverine: Origins Annual and Jeph Loeb’s Wolverine-Sabretooth saga that included Romulus?

  4. The red hair thing is too obvious to be a mistake I think its like memories of Rose/Itsu/Jean all blurring together and a testament to them being the three great loves of his life ala Spidey ‘s Gwen/MJ.

    What we take away from Loebs run is he cut of sabertooth’s head with that bitching sword, nothing else thats it ignore the lupine sapien bullshit.

    Chronology discrepencies, meh his mind and memories have been messed a trillion times that being the case and this the most modern perhaps this is new cannon or its just a little mistake Way gets way to much flak becuase he is doing a harder more publisised big wolvie books tonnes of wolvie apps have been crap or wrong throughout the years.

    And dude he said what he was re-reading and it didnt include Loebs also FYI the annual is in one of the GN’s im pissed because i bought it seperate and first not knowing that.

    Also Narouto is just a weaker (in power terms) version of Dragonball only on acid or something.

    Also FYI ive heard twice stated as fact origins is going to be about 60 issues meaning this is halfway. He said he’d shorten it if sales dropped but not lengthen it so dont worry DiGgy!

    Also good to hear you are a fan of Weapon One as well as Weapon Ten.

    Also you are all on crack if you dont like dillons work (read Preacher you phillistines) what I do aggree is that it didnt suit the book. Although I think the colourist was to balme more then dillons pencils.

  5. Yeah, you can’t really compare Origins to his on going series, it just isn’t fair and the writers don’t have to work nearly as hard. During his on going series we have much more inconsistencies and it seems every writer ignores what the previous writer has done. (Wolverine Dies story arc anyone ?) I’m sure if we had one writer work on the ongoing series for sixty issues, we could compare it to Origins. But currently it’s just not possible.

    Way has worked on dark characters before, like Sabretooth, Bullseye, Nighthawk, and Ghost Rider. It’s no surprise Origins is dark and morbid.

  6. Daken is going to be a member of the Dark Avengers and decked out in the brown/tan Wolverine costume. He is seen in this on the cover of New Avengers 50 solicitation.

  7. You weren’t joking.

    (I think this is a issue of New Avengers)

    Good looking out. ^_^

  8. And does it look to anyone else like those are metal claws on Daken?

  9. Nah. I looked at the picture and it seems like those are made of bone.

    Though I hope they draw him taller then Logan and add some personal touches to him. I would hate to see father and son drawn identical.

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