Wolverine News: Original Sin Starts Wednesday

X-Men: Original Sins promotional art

X-Men: Original Sin officially kicks off on Wednesday — above is the special promotional ad for the Wolverine crossover. We also have a sneak preview of Wolverine: Manifest Destiny coming later in the month and as always, online previews of the probable Wolverine appearances this week…

-X-Men: Original Sin #1 (preview): Wolverine storyline kicks off…
-Avengers/Invaders #5 (preview): Wolverine gets some dialogue…
-Marvel Zombies 3 #1 (preview): Not sure when Wolverine will appear, but Fred Van Lente (from Wolverine: First Class) is the writer…

Facebook comments:

  1. Another good reason I love Origins so much is that it brings back the classic stealthy Logan from the past X-Men comics. In these issues Logan doesn’t get his face evaporated or burned until he is nothing more then a skeleton. We don’t see him charge carelessly into enemy fire, instead he dodges the bullets with agility and skill. Like it or not , a lot of fans reference his battles from the Origins series, mainly because he goes up against opponents who have impressive amounts of reputation. (Deadpool and Captain America are known for having excellent skill in hand to hand combat) Plus we get to see Logan wielding a samurai blade again, I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen him with a blade. So Origins does pay tribute to a lot of Logan’s more admirable and impressive qualities.

    As for the horrible atrocities , well we have to remember that Logan worked hand and hand with Sabretooth during Team-X. (Thanks A lot Larry Hama!!) We did need a reason for him to work with a psychopath to begin with, because we all know Logan hated Creed with a passion. And if you feel angry watch Logan commit acts of sin and murder, imagine how pissed off and angry he must be. He doesn’t make excuses for himself , but he does know enough that someone has to pay for brainwashing him into hurting innocent people. But Logan would rather die then have something like that happen again. Further proof is that Charles Xavier and Emma Frost appear to know what Logan was force to do and they still accept him onto the team.

    One minor complaint is that the Muramasa blade did leave a nasty scar across his chest. One that can’t be healed by his own healing factor. It would be nice to see that scar on Logan’s chest in future issues of the X-men and in Origins.

  2. I’ll agree about the hand to hand combat and the samurai blade,
    but feel I have to point out that it was always hinted in the Team X run (one of my favourites I must confess) that Sabretooth was more stable (admittedly him been less stable would be interesting)
    I’ll acknowledge I don’t know why I dislike Origins. Both the artwork and the stories have a lot of potential, but somehow, to me at least they fail to ring true. But I know you like them, so I won’t say anymore.

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