Wolverine: Origins #27 Review: All About Daken

Wolverine: Origins #27 coverWolverine: Origins #27
“Son of X, Conclusion”
Writer: Daniel Way
Artist: Stephen Segovia

Enough with the flashbacks!

Did Marvel decree that every single freakin’ comic I read be accompanied by at least 14 pages of flashback?

To make matters worse, we are forced to endure 13 of those pages as Daken’s ‘origin,’ one of the least compelling characters created in recent memory.

While I’m ranting, I am equally tired of villains who are the epitome of the undefeatable opponent one issue, and easily dispatched within a page the next.

And the final-page surprise only promises more melodrama for the next story arc.

From Marvel (preview): “The origin of Daken, the son of Wolverine! Following in his father’s footsteps, Daken is inducted into a secret society of killers and trained by the master himself—the mysterious being known as Romulus. But now that Daken has been freed from his master’s grasp by his father, Wolverine, has his training ended…or has it just begun?” On sale July 30, 2008.

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  1. Why are wolverine comics (or comics in general) getting dumbed down?
    Is it a lack of quality writers, a lack of confidence in the readership’s intelligence or some strange ploy to make more money? Either way I don’t like it! Help us DiG!!!!

  2. we should make a petition to prohibit that Daniel Way writes stories of Wolverine, I just can’t stand his stories and I’m sure I’m not alone on this.

  3. Just to throw in some balance I am really enjoying origins and Ways writing.

    Im hating the main wolverine book (lupines and old men, meh) and wolverine should be taken out of uncanny and astonishing because his appearences these days are always arbitary.

    I simply truly belive that marvel likes to move creators around but fans stay on a character meaning after like 30 years we know more then any other writer. I love Way on origins beacuse I never read his old apps (because Im 18 wolves is older then me) but because Im a huge Venom fan I hated his 18 issues if Venom (although it did pick up towards the end)

    Its a combination of this, the sliding timescale prohibiting change and Joe Quesada that make things suck atm.

  4. Man, Daken is RIPPED for a 13 year old kid.

    And Romulus knew about Adamantium 10 years before Dr. Myron McClain invented it in 1969.

  5. I agree with Toby Stokes.

    Has anyone read the manga Berserk ? The main character Guts has the same values as Logan does in Origins. He believes in fighting for what he believes in and higher powers do try to manipulate him on on occasion. And while he has done a lot of good , there was a few times he has slipped and killed a innocent or two. (Regrettably I might add, and it has haunted him) Yet Guts lives in very dark times where demons run rampant and kill women and children on a daily basis. He is a struggler and he keeps pushing forward, relying on his weapon and fighting skills at first , but he learns to trust in friends later on. It’s a very dark and adult story, but drawn beautifully in my opinion. And my fondness for this series is probably what keeps me attracted to Origins.

    Anti Hero , but still a hero that has admirable qualities.

    Origins is very dark. (Though I pick up on some of the dark humor. Like Cyber punching that soldiers face in. That was priceless. ) I like the new art style, it reminds me of Ninja Scroll for some reason. I don’t want Origins to end, and I hope it continues past issue 100%. I need my dark Wolverine stories, just like I need my light Wolverine stories featured in Wolverine : First Class. There is balance in all of his current story lines , which both bring a lot to the table. I do like Daken and it’s great to see Logan interacting with someone who is related by blood. It’s long overdue in my opinion, and they aren’t keeping things the same just to please the old fans. (which is much appreciated. )

    I don’t think Origins is ruining Logan’s character. It’s showing us how far he has come and how badly he was manipulated into doing some horrible things. This makes his path of redemption that much more important. Anyone read Rurouni Kenshin ? (Samurai X) That is a perfect example of how Logan lives in a constant state of regret over the horror that is his past. And no matter how hard he tries, he can never erase what he has done. So I appreciate this dark side of Logan. I really do.

    My only gripe is Romulus. So far he hasn’t impressed me ,but we have a long time to convince me otherwise. And the flash backs weren’t that bad at all, it’s not like this is tied into Secret Invasion. ^__^ This is one fan who is happy to embrace the drama in the next issue.

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