Review: Avengers/Invaders #3

Avengers/Invaders #3 coverAvengers/Invaders #3
“Book Three: Homefront”
Plot: Alex Ross & Jim Krueger: Script: Jim Krueger
Pencils: Steve Sadowski

Last issue, Wolverine uttered only five words in two panels.

He doesn’t fare much better with issue #3.

Four panels. Two words.

“She’s here.”

I mean, what’s the point?

Even Iron Fist, mute in this issue, was positively loquacious last issue with 11 words.

Where’s the love?

From Marvel (preview): “The King of Atlantis vs the Prince of Atlantis with an entire kingdom as the ultimate prize. Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and Steve Sadowski continue the year’s most surprising cross-time epic with a battle that promises to tear two centuries asunder.” On sale July 2, 2008.

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  1. DiG , I swear to god I’m not pimping my forum. It’s just when I write this Wolverine fanfiction , I can’t stop thinking about you and your site. I’m either researching Logan’s character using your brilliant and well organized documentation , or I’m wondering if you would approve of how I used Logan’s character. So I’m going to risk you scolding me, and post a link to my three Wolverine fanfictions. Please if you could let me know if you hate it or not , I would really appreciate it. You can send me a email if you like and tell me if you want to speak in private. I despertly want to know if you think this is a accurate representation of Logan’s personality and motives. :)

    My email is :

    Fan Fiction One : Old Man Logan :
    Link <—–

    Based on Logan’s last journey. I wrote this with a friend and had the honor of roleplaying as Wolverine. If anything you might find it amusing at least.

    Fanfiction two : Logan hates Canada

    Link 2 <——-

    Logan stalks another potential mutant. This one is kind of the same as the first one, only I got to use Logan’s beserker rage. Which was a lot of fun. Again I was roleplaying as Logan . ^_^

    Fanfiction three : Land of the Rising Sun

    Link 3 <——-

    My favorite of the three. A tribute to the core of Logan’s soul. It’s what’s missing from Origins as far as I am concerned. I think we all miss this side of Logan’s character and I hope they revisit it someday. (Mariko and Amiko <3)

    I know your busy DiG ,so if you can’t read them all I understand ! Be well buddy !!!

  2. Intriguing! A good portrayal of Logan considering the situations he’s being placed in.

    So how does this work? Who creates the situations? How much are you allowed to write on each ‘turn’? Who decides who wins?

  3. Best way to depict logan as the way he is. You read my thoughts.

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