Review: GeNext #2

GeNext #2 coverGeNext #2
Writer: Chris Claremont
Penciler: Patrick Scherberger; Inker: Norman Lee

Wolverine cameos in this issue… as a pencil sketch.

Yeah… I know.

I’m that bad. I even collect lame appearances like these.

But before you mock, realize you are reading a post about said lame appearance. Glass houses and all that.

Oh, who I am kidding. I totally suck.

Which probably begs the question, why am I wasting my time on such absurd appearance?

Because appearances like these tend to get listed in those long lists of “Every Wolverine Appearance EVER” that Wizard Magazine publishes periodically, so it’s helpful to have them on hand instead on thinking I missed some important appearance.

O.C.D. much?

From Marvel: “Continuing the adventures of the newest generation of Xavier’s School of students in a world where the X-Men premiered in 1963 and aged in real time. This issue, we focus on a member who is the grandson of a familiar mutant hero. He might not like school, but he does enjoy his burgeoning romance with the team’s most mysterious member. Unfortunately for them both, her secret past is about rear its cybernetic head.” On sale June 11, 2008.

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  1. You don’t suck Dig. -hug-

    We appreciate the fact that you are collecting all of these comics. If it wasn’t for you, I would know about all the big Wolverine appearances that are coming out. It’s your blog that keeps me going back to the comic book store. We love your blog and we love that you don’t miss out on the minor details. I get strange looks from my comic retailers when I demand all of these Wolverine comics, but I’m determined not to miss a important issue. Then I look forward to reading your opinion of the issue that I’m reading. I’m very obsessed.


    Here is a random present: (link)

    It’s not much, but there is a lot of crazy Wolverine information in that link. Some big Wolverine fan like us gathered up every amazing thing Wolverine ever did in the comic books. Though he did miss out on that one time Wolverine got stuck under a glacier and had to eat his arm or something. Do you remember that issue ? I think it was in Grant Morrison’s New X-Men. He was bragging to Jean Grey or something. Gross, but still amazing.

    Anyway. Don’t forget we love you.

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