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I must admit that after all the years of running this website in near silence, it is invigorating to see other Wolverine fans leaving comments on the Wolverine Files blog posts. So I would like to encourage all visitors to join in on the fun.

That’s right. I’m talking to you.

Please view this as a personal invitation to introduce yourself to the Wolverine Files readers in the comments section below.

And to break the ice, let me start off the proceedings by introducing myself. I am Joel ‘DiG’ DiGiacomo, the curator of Wolverine Files.

To quote from Chapter 00: True Origin,

I was first introduced to Wolverine (or more accurately THE Wolverine) when I picked up Uncanny X-Men #111 at a 7-11 back in 1978. Chris Claremont and John Byrne were creating the golden era of the X-Men, and I became mesmerized by this cantankerous Canadian. After school, my best friend and I would talk endlessly about every last revelation of Wolverine’s past. I even started a notebook tracking all references of his life before he joined the X-Men. Later it became a Word document that I updated and rewrote as more and more entries sprang to life from the pages of various Marvel comics. After more than 25 years, I finally decided it was time to put it on the Web and let others enjoy the fruits of my obsessive compulsion.

So please take a moment to introduce yourself and maybe even reminisce about your first exposure to our favorite ill-tempered mutant.


Facebook comments:

  1. I was introduced to the X-men and Wolverine when the cartoon aired on cable. Since then I heavily collected anything with Wolverine (On and Off) I lost interests in Logan when he lost his Adamantium , not because he had bone claws , but because he became this beast type thing. I don’t know if Larry Hama was to blame for his ugly transformation, but I was really pissed off with the turn of events. I stopped collecting comics completely and started collecting manga instead. My interests in Logan returned once more when Origin was released , and then from there I started reading Grant Morrison’s take on the X-Men. That was when I decided to invest in the Essential X-men trade paper backs, and I read up on Chris Claremont’s X-men. I was happy to see that the cartoon was heavily based on Claremont’s work , and my obsessed fan boy nature took off from there. From that point I religiously started collecting Wolverine’s solo series , and all the cool stuff started happening to my favorite character. (Enemy of the State , Ultimate X-Men, Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-men , House of M , Origins , Civil War , and New Avengers.) I know some of the above listed is Marvel being greedy , but I enjoy reading extensions of Wolverine’s adventures. It’s a bit expensive and I don’t enjoy everything I read , but I’m happy that Logan now knows his past and it isn’t all corporation mystery anymore. Character’s with mysterious pasts has been played out for me , especially in video games and Japanese Animations. Watching / Reading Logan move past all of that , is a breath of fresh air for me.

  2. [response to Gabriel’s comment]

    Hama’s run had it’s ups and downs. i’m towards the end of reading through it all again (hindsight from current issues is adding alot to the back issues, for me, at least). the feral regression thing could’ve been awesome if it were taken more seriously. the artist’s depiction of the “animal” Logan was downright goofy and it had too much leakage from the Onslaught story over in the X-titles. it could’ve definitely been done better. but i think it’d worked as a good excuse to bring Elektra (my second favorite marvel character) into the title.

    oh, and on the subject of Elektra and Hama, i recently read an M2 title called Wild Thing at a local books-a-million, in which Logan and Elektra had a superhero daughter. it was a Spider-Girl offshoot and had the same light-hearted cutesy style to it. there were less than 6 issues, i believe, before it was canceled and they’re all collected in a little manga sized trade paperback. i’d recommend checking it out. it wasn’t to serious or important but it was a fun read.

  3. There is a lot of Wolverine titles I haven’t been able to get my hands on. (Wild Thing for example. ) I think I will read up on it , thanks for the recommendation. Any word on the Wolverine Manga ? I really want to check that out too. It’s a real good year for us Wolverine fans. Soon we’ll have X-Men Origins: Wolverine (movie) and Wolverine and the X-Men (cartoon). I heard a rumor that Dead Pool might make an appearance in both of those titles, which makes me even more happy. Most likely we can expect a video game based on both of those licenses . I just hope they are better then X2 : Wolverine’s Revenge , cause that was lame. (Even though I played it several times on my PS2 for my wolverine fix.)

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who hated Logan’s beast like appearance in the Onslaught story line. I’m glad he got a super version of his healing factor because of it , but the jagged claws and pointy toe nails was too much for me. (And the odd patches of hair on his arm) XD

  4. there’s a manga? you referring to the old one where Wolvie was Cyclops’ brother and had optic claws or is there a new manga coming out?

    i’m not holding my breath to see Deadpool in the movie. but, in the animated series, i’d say it’s inevitable. but i also said that for the past two animated series. meh.

    Wolverine’s revenge wasn’t that bad. well…the cut scenes were but, i dunno. i even liked the GBA version, honestly. more than home console version. either way, it was miles ahead the old nes and snes games. and every Batman game ever made.

  5. I really liked collecting all of Wolverine’s costumes in “Wolverine’s Revenge”. (I cheated half way through.) I am a sucker for any video game with Logan in it. I even purchased “Marvel Nemesis : Rise of the Imperfects “, despite all of the bad things I heard about it. It wasn’t as bas as I thought it would be , though there was some pretty bad ugly spots. I really hope the next Wolverine game is much better though. (Especially since Spider Man has had some really good ones so far.) I did enjoy the Wolverine guest appearance in the Ultimate Spider Man game. XD

    The manga is being made by Marvel Entertainment and Del Rey Manga, it looks a lot better then the last X-Men manga that was made. (Didn’t Logan have laser beams for claws ?) I first found out about the new manga on this wonderful site and I am pretty sure it isn’t out yet. Wolverine will have a whole new “shonen style” and the title will not exist within the same universe as each other or the regular (“616”) Marvel Universe.

    I’m still looking for a release date , but I’m sure something on it will be posted here soon. :)

  6. I’ve been a fan of Wolverine probably since his appearance on “Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends”. I can’t remember anything else about that program except for the episodes with the X-Men and particularly when Wolverine popped his claws through some fruit to make a kebob.

    The first Wolverine comic I got was Wolverine #6 and have since then been attempting to purchase every appearance he’s made in comics (including indie spoof comic appearances) and have searched for anyplace online where I can possibly find a complete list with having very very little success on that. Even the Wizard Wolverine specials that they did that had supposed “complete” appearance lists in them were horribly done. Anyways, if anyone does have any suggestions as to where I can continue my search or at least compare lists (if anyone else other than me actually catalogs their comics) let me know.

  7. Well… I think I own just about every Wolverine appearance there is (there are a few promotional appearances from Drake’s Snacks, the second set, that I am still trying to hunt down) and will eventually list all of them on this website. To see what I believe is a comprehensive list in publication for the first 12 years of appearances, you can look at the following pages on this site. Eventually, I will update to the new format, so people can leave comments or note anything I may have missed.

    P01: Pub Order 1974-1979
    P02: Pub Order 1980-1982
    P03: Pub Order 1983-1984
    P04: Pub Order 1985-1986

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