Review: Wolverine: Origins #21

Wolverine: Origins #21 coverWolverine: Origins #21
“The Deep End, Part One”
Writer: Daniel Way
Artist: Steve Dillon

I’ve been pretty critical of this series with its cynical take on Wolverine’s past.

But I am happy to state that this off-beat diversion into the insanity of Deadpool is an absolute delight!

Daniel Way channels Chuck Jones for some genuinely funny and laugh-out-loud moments. And Steve Dillon’s serious art style makes the insanity and Deadpool-Vision even more ludicrous.

Bravo to both Daniel Way and Steve Dillon for this change-of-pace issue. One hopes the remainder of this arc will keep this refreshing comedy coming.

And don’t miss Daniel Way’s interview with Comic Book Resources

From Marvel (Preview): “He’s a born killer, highly trained in the art of violence. He’s a man out of time, living without fear of death. He’s the best there is at what he does…and he’s about to do it to Wolverine. Enter: DEADPOOL!” On sale Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. Origins is a book with multiple personality disorder. It doesn’t know what the heck it is from one issue to the next, or one arc to the next and neither does anyone else. It comes as no surprise it’s hemorrhaging readers like crazy. I continue to read in the hope that it can’t possibly get any worse – the only way to go is up, right? Er, no. At least not so far.

    If Origins reaches it’s 60th issue then I’ll chalk it up to pure bloody-mindedness. This Romulus garbage is beyond lame. Riding roughshod over established canon and creating glaring errors in the process is appalling. I don’t like the way characters are being warped out of recognition as a means of trying to shoehorn a square peg into a round hole. Are we really expected to believe that nearly everyone Wolverine has ever come into contact with is involved in, or has been affected (murdered) by, this dumb Romulus conspiracy? Are all of Logan’s enemies to be distilled into one uber-enemy? One entity pulling everyone else’s strings? That’s just bloody stupid!

    Next issue? I’m rooting for the plunging Acme grand piano to put Logan out of his and my misery.

    Meep meep!

  2. it would be nice if they try to change things, like Romulus is in fact Sinister (since he was around with Weapon X) and like it waas lie that Wolverine hate Sabretooth because because he is from a clan with blond hair and Wolvy from a clan with black hair, these 2 points were de worst insults against the fans, it must be changed

  3. You’re forgeting the obivous mistakes with Wolverine Origin’s 9#, where it rewrites Wolverine’s first meeting with Black Widow. It is clearly stated that it takes place after Jasimine Falls, ie where the winter soldier grabs Wolverine. That has to be post WW2, as even with the rewrite that’s when the Winter Soldier is active, so call it 1950’s ( as you did on this terrific site), but then try to make in the 1930’s during the STUPID Our War run. just reading some of thier own material might make things easier! the series had a fair amount of potenial, but appears to have gone into irrelevancy.

  4. what a shame! we all fans hate Origins but we all read it by the way

  5. Just the trade paper backs from the library, and issue sumaries on another great x men site.

  6. I love Origins. I don’t care if other people hate it. I mean I hated the Weapon X story like with Mr Sinister and Sublime. For me those were lame stories ,because they weren’t Logan’s enemies anymore. Weapon X became something more complicated and ridiculous , until they just weren’t exclusive to just one character or a few characters for that matter. After awhile it was revealed that everyone and there mama was a part of Weapon X. (Mutants were created to kill mutants for humans ? WTF ? ) At least with Romulus we don’t know his intentions or what he really wants with Logan. So until they reveal it to be something as retarded as what Weapon X became, I will withhold my judgment . So far Origins hasn’t revealed anything we don’t already know about Logan’s Character. We already know he did some bad things in his early days , things he isn’t proud of . So Way’s story telling isn’t anything new for me.

  7. and I’m pretty sure when they will reveal Romulus intentions (it’s going to be aroundo issue 55 or 60) you will join the majority that hate Origins

  8. Maybe. I’m not going to rule out the possibility that Logan’s new enemy could end up being lame and stupid. It probably doesn’t help that it was revealed he was the king of the Lupine race. (sp?) . But I’m still praying that it ends up surprising us with a neat twist, cause I want to like origins and I want it to succeed. For a long time I wanted to read Logan’s adventures during WW 1 and WW 2. Origins has so much potential to be great , and I really like how old characters came back. (Jubilee & Cyber) Those were the characters I use to look forward to when I was reading Wolverine during the 90’s. And lets not forget that Way isn’t the worst writer to touch Logan’s character. Remember Larry Hama during the the early series of Wolverine ? I hated his work and I know I ‘m not the only one who feels this way.

  9. i’m with Gabriel. but that time-displaced plot hole concerning Bucky/Winter Soldier is the one thing all the research in the world can’t change for me. i’ve even tried convincing myself that he was supposed to have been Bucky and NOT the Winter Soldier and that it was an artist fluke but that doesn’t work either. his involvement with any government agency or black ops whatever-whatever couldn’t have gone back that far. it’s just…screwed. and there’s the whole Dark Riders being linked to Romulus thing…?…. there are countless others. but Way screwed up HIS OWN story. like he’s lost interest or something. i thought he said he was keeping a time chart!

    i like Way’s writing. i like the Origins title. i have every issue and will continue buying it (especially since Steve Dillon’s leaving it to draw Deadpool). but these plot holes are driving me slowly insane. i just keep telling myself “if it doesn’t get clearer and pick a direction, at least it’s only $3.30 a month.”

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